Foresight Project "Phoenix"

Part 1

                                                    Dear Friends

In addition to my congratulations on the New Year 2018, I would like to discuss with you, the possible future that all mankind or its part is waiting for.

   This discussion is not about justice, but about trying to participate in building   more humanistic future. The development of technology gives us a chance to make the world more kind and less aggressive.

  The desire to live in such an ecosystem is possible with the pooling of intellectual, technological and financial resources.

What do we have today?

   Humanity in the densely approach to the creation of artificial intelligence and a quantum computer. The trend of 2017 was the technology of blockchain and bitcoin, which arose as a form of protest.

   Only blockchain technology can bring up to 20 trillion dollars into the economy.

The project envisages the launching of "dead" assets into the market by providing the System for their digitization and valuation, verification of owners, for various operations: purchase and sale, barter, investment, lending, mortgage, renting, (fiat), and in digital (crypto) forms, based on the technology blockchain.

  Any asset, after valuation, is energy and has the ability to exchange, which is expressed in the exchange value or in the exchange ratio of a particular asset for money or another asset.

 To conduct transactions within the System and determine a stable value, all types of assets are converted into tokens, the internal unit of the System, equal to 1: 1 to the SDR analog. Asset Tokenisation and Hybrid Fintech platform provide simplicity, speed and transparency of transactions. Standardization of algorithms, escrow, blockchain, smart contracts, guarantees, insurance and legal protection provide the desired stability.

  Regardless of the location, political and legal regimes of states, the level of technological development, and the level of training and education, every citizen of the world can become a participant and user of the System.

The plan, the development of the strategy and the scenario of the implementation of the System are open for discussion  and partnership.



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