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Construction project   

of the oil bulk cargo marine terminal MT 'Port Vera' in the area of the Small Liman Adzhalyksky.

Recreation Center

Recreation center on the seaside of Southern Palmira - with pier, beach, clean status - state certificate, for recreation center


"Comersant" -  is the same age as independent Ukraine, - was registered  a week before the proclamation of independence.

Experience and well-established connections in business structures and government bodies, irreproachable reputation and image of the company, allow our clients quickly and effectively achieve the goal. We are glad to guests, and are open for mutually beneficial cooperation



  • Searching of investment projects, trust management of property 
  • Development of enterprise privatization plans
  • Expert review of real estate and enterprises
  • Evaluation and sale of industrial property

  • Due Diligence ​
  •  Support and protection of investments, Escrow

For investors 

Before the war the portfolio of Comersant included projects for a total amount which was not less than 1 billion of dollars

For business owners

Comersant offers cooperation to land and commercial property owners, providing services in attracting investors and facilitating the sale or rental of properties.

Due Diligence

Evaluation of investments risks, independent evaluation of investment object, comprehensive research of the company`s activities, complex checking of company`s financial status and position on the market. 


Guaranteed execution of contractual terms. 

An escrow service acts as a neutral intermediary in the transaction between the seller and the buyer, securing both parties from improper execution of terms through the use of pledges.

The company "Comersant" was born in Odessa. The marine capital of Ukraine is going through the second birth today, accompanied by the joy of first successes and the throes of creativity, fragile stereotypes and the rapid development of commercial structures. While the country is updating legislation and transformation of public relations, the mission of Comersant: - minimize risks and protect your investments to the maximum. The course is aimed at the prosperity of Ukraine and Southern Palmyra.