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He successfully works in Odessa since August 16, 1991. The main direction of the company: intermediary and consulting services in the investment market, attracting investment in Ukraine.

The main direction of the company: mediation and consulting in investments. We accompany investments in both innovative projects and in stable projects in various sectors.
"Kommersant" - a member of the international real estate federation FIABCI Ukraine, cooperating with representatives of 60 countries.

Our company has valuable information, unique experience and exclusive achievements in the field of investment support, sales of property and enterprises, including state ownership and tax liens.

We work with investors from all countries and unite them in Ukraine

  • High-quality services for finding and attracting investments

  • Legal and consulting support of investment projects

  • Escrow Escrow Guarantee

Flawless name

Brand Kommersant has been known for over 25 years.
Over the years, we have experienced both the joy of success and the bitterness of failure. However, they always fulfilled their obligations and ensured fairness and fairness of transactions.

International cooperation

Our projects involve experts and experts of the highest level from different countries. In different projects we worked with representatives of the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Cyprus, Great Britain and others.

Success Stories

In the portfolio of Kommersant company to date, investment projects more than $ 1 billion. During the last 3 years, the amount of transactions conducted by Kommersant exceeds $ 25 million.

Reliability and status

Projects Kommersant find support at all levels of society and power. Our innovations and investment proposals are aimed at the prosperity of Ukraine, Odessa and most importantly - the welfare of the client.

There are market niches in the UAE, which should be emphasize

The company Kommersant became famous for the fact that the former began to engage in commercial and industrial real estate in Ukraine. Its founder and CEO Valery Lokaychuk actively develops cooperation with different countries, in particular Kommersant was represented in Dubai as part of a delegation of Ukrainian businessmen. Valery Fyodorovich agreed to discuss the results of his visit with the correspondent of the "Business Emirates".

"Kommersant" in the international dimension

Speaking figuratively, after the working visit to Dubai of the Ukrainian delegation, which included representatives of Odessa, these two cities will become closer. After all, the members of the delegation had not only a pleasant impression of their stay in the UAE - they returned with concrete plans for further cooperation ...


The Kommersant team employs highly qualified lawyers, economists, auditors and appraisers (categories A, B, C - real estate, transport, equipment); Experts on privatization and sale of state property, arbitration managers and international consultants FIABCI on real estate (FIREC).

Modern methods of doing business

Professional approach to work

Trust management of property




Drogan Oksana Stepanovna

Vice President

Stetyura Igor Vasilievich

Head of Evaluation Department Pavlinenko Alexander Viktorovich


Lokaychuk Elena Valeryevna


"We confidently look to the future and are open to business cooperation ..."

Drogan Oksana 

"Possessing an invaluable legacy of the past obliges us to carefully store and multiply the wealth of our country and city. After the greatest prosperity of culture Odessa reached during periods of public consent and balanced municipal policy - favoring entrepreneurship, trade and navigation ... "

Valeriy Lokaychuk