Charitable foundation "K"

It was founded in 2004 year and the founders were Lokaychuk Valeriy Fedorovich and Drogan Oksana Stepanovna.

      One of the main task of the foundation is to provide charitable assistance to orphans, who doesn`t  have parental warmth and care. The main foundation`s goal is to make as many children as possible happy, in all possible ways. The help is provided both to the addressee (directly to the child) and to the general (to orphanages, shelters, boarding schools). The Development Program of the Charity Fund has been developed, which is aimed at solving one of the most acute social problems - the problem of child orphanage. The most important project of the charitable foundation was the orphanage  "Zhemchuzhinka", where children today live as one big and happy family.

       On June 1st, 2006, "Zhemchuzhinka" orphanage hosted the first children. The implementation of the project became possible thanks to patrons. The charitable foundation "K" has built, equipped and transferred to the city of Odessa a beautiful house for orphans and children deprived of parental care. The building and property, including furniture, training and play equipment, was transferred to the communal institution "Orphanage" "Zhemchuzhinka"for free use. Charitable Foundation "K" has invested in the project 13 818 143,60 UAH. For the construction budget finance was not used.


Orphanage "Zhemchuzhinka"

Fund Philosophy 

​Children - orphans and children - deprived of parental care, being at a young age already have a huge negative life experience. Enough! We want to give them a feeling of carelessness, i.e. - childhood !

All created by the Charitable Foundation "K" gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the children's world, where the serious and important becomes simple and ridiculous, and the incomprehensible obvious! Special words of gratitude to the children and employees of the orphanage "Zhemchuzhinka" always express to Alexander Alexandrovich, Valery Fedorovich, Oksana Stepanovna, for the warmth and sincerity, for the great care and attention that these people give to the big "Zhemchuzhinka" family. Thanks to these people our pupils learned to dream and when, on the eve of the holidays, their dreams come true - the eyes of the children are full of sunlight, and the souls are boundless with love. We can affirm with certainty: Love conquers everything! With these people, we all feel ourselves in the company of close people and know for sure that we have become one friendly family, being very different! Everyone can do good, regardless of their financial situation, the main desire. Goodness is what corresponds to reason, morality, the idea of ​​good and perfection!

Sincere love and care for each pupil

      Thanks to people appeared in Odessa "Zhemchuzhinka", and thanks to people with a capital letter in the souls of children, Faith in human kindness, God's mercy and confidence that they are not alone they have Valery Fedorovich, Oksana Stepanovna and a whole team of moms and dads .Never, do not wish anyone an orphan share, but let for every orphan in Ukraine there is such a "Pearl"!

The head of the orphanage "Zhemchuzhinka" S.N. Petrova

Petrova Svetlana Nikolaevna 

When people ask me what childhood and children are for me, I remember happy and joyful moments when I was little! After all, the mittens on the elastic band and the toys that become a part of you - you can not forget! Today I can not hide a smile when I hear parents explain to their babies that children are taken from a kiss. In general, childhood is the happiest and most sincere time when everyone is told that you really are a pirate, a terminator, a princess - but you do not really believe it! For me, childhood has become an integral part of life, because my work, to do everything possible, so that my students, during their stay in Zhemchuzhinka, learned to dream  меня спрашивают что для меня детство и дети, я вспоминаю счастливые и радостные минуты, когда я была сама маленькая! 

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